slimmeroftheyea (slimmeroftheyea) wrote,


we have a big and nasty white mangy oul creature that is terrorising the neighbourhood or at least our cat. He is spraying everywhere and beating up George on a regular basis to the point where George runs into the house and hides which is so unlike him. Gilbert, on the other hand, chases said cat when he notices it but as he not the brightest that is not very often and not a lot of help to George who is the true defender of the faith. So I rang the Cats Protection League and the arrangement is that I have to try and entice said cat into travel basket and transport it to vets where it is booked in to be checked over. At no cost to me. At least financially. ianmcdonald, the writer, has since asked if A and E also know of this. He has seen said cat. So will keep yiz updated. The Cats Protection League would have come and got it only they couldnt before next week anyway so will give it a go.
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