slimmeroftheyea (slimmeroftheyea) wrote,

Ned's bar

I feel the need to blog, I really do. We recently celebrated himself's fiftieth birthday.I bought him a picture of a pub. We had a dinner in the Bokhara in Holywood and a cake baked by Kina in Holywood. We started the night off in Ned's sorry the Maypole Bar in Holywood. To the uninitiated it is the Maypole Bar. To the initiated it is Ned's. You know whether or not you are initiated by how long it takes to get to the bar. The initiated rarely get past the door without someone taking their order and offering table service. Unofficially. Of course. And there are rules. No music, unless it is a one-off live aid style concert, no tv unless sport and that only during the day, AND NO MOBILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! paul rankin was once famously escorted onto the street by the Carty Brothers, who owned it at that time, for answering his mobile. then he was barred. The building is 17th century Ayreshire sandstone. As a public bar it has had three owners since the 1840s. They don't allow food since it interferes with the guinness. You go in on a saturday night and are met by a wall of voices not muzak. It is much beloved of the meeja types in holywood and my first contact was when himself was working for the much lamented Xtreme production. We sat in what was called, by us, meeja corner many's a night. And this is where the painting comes in. The original is there on the wall. It is called "Nearly at Ned's" and is just Ned's early on a summer's evening. There are other paintings, one that I like in the style of Monet, but this is the truest and best. And was painted by a local artist who does the copies that the pub sells. About 2002 I decided I was getting one for Ian's fiftieth. So I did. I went in and a barman I didnt recognise said they would have to order one and took my number. It got to the week of the birthday so I went in with my Mum to see if my copy had arrived. Spoke to Brian Carty - his father was Ned who bought the Maypole in the late sixties and then left it to his three sons Brian Raymond and Eamonn. Brian bought his brothers out. told him that a picture had been ordered and he said "But I have one out in the store." In the meantime he charmed my Mum and told us plenty about the history. I explained that we were having Ian's official birthday on 27th and would be in the bar then but would give him the picture on 31st. He said " I won't say a word!¬" He didn't. His other staff did with the best of intentions "WERE YOU THE GIRL LUKKIN A PICTURE?!" This was with Ian beside me and said picture safely at my mother's houes. I Lied A good night was had by all.
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