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Sorry for myself

Have had virus type thing since Thursday. Have been in work for three months and already been off twice ill. My temperature has been up and down like a yo yo. I have had a headache for which I took cocodomol then slept all day and now it is 2 am and I am wide awake. I have been outside the house once since Thursday. apart from anything else I need to do my Christmas shopping!
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red letter day

Just to let you know what happened - I got cast as Mrs Malaprop in The Rivals in a semi-professional production which will be on in october. I got cast on the spot which is something that NEVER HAPPENS! That was last sunday and later on that night I was playing live music for the works christmas do!
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For posterity

Last year while in Canada I bought a bottle of "Suave" tropical coconut shampoo and a bottle of conditioner in the same range. I think it must be French Canadian company. The blurbs on the bottles are hilarious and I really feel the need to share them with you and record them for posterity. The translation may be by computer but at any rate it does say exactly the same thing in the French.

This is for the shampoo:

"Go from activity overload to sensory paradise when you use this coconut scented shampoo that gently cleanses."

These are the directions:

"For a tropical time out: Lather. Inhale a whiff of pure coconut-y paradise. Rinse. Then put your feet up for the first time all day and flip through the travel section of the newspaper".

The blurb on the conditioner is a masterpiece:

"Step away from the vacuum and treat your senses to this refreshing coconut scented conditioner that nourishes your hair."

The directions:

" To indulge your nose in a well-deserved Tahitian break: Apply evenly to hair. Inhale the fresh revitalising scent of coconuts. Then rinse. You'll feel so refreshed not even the dirtiest of dishes will get you down".

The "Suave" promises guarantees full satisfaction..........................................
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Van Morrison's Chair

Well you learn something new every day. Last night we went to the Bokhara in Holywood which we do on an all-too regular basis. Apparently so does Van Morrison. There was a man and woman sitting at the table just over from us and he was wearing a hat. I hardly noticed them. Then they left. Then the waiters told us who it was. Apparently he comes in frequently and always wants to sit in the same place and always orders the same thing - "the usual". Apparently we were at "his" table and specifically ianmcdonald was in his seat! I took a photo. The staff were too professional to say whether or not he was a big tipper!